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Volunteers & Events


Upcoming Event

Beyond Walls

   Every Thursday
    7:00 - 9:00 PM

     Redemptive Ministry Center
     6505 DeBarr Road
     Anchorage, AK 99504

     Note:  Additional Parking

                behind the building.

Inmate Testimony

Volunteer or Mentor

If you are interested in volunteering and/or mentoring, please select, view and complete the applicable form(s).

All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application (see download below); register for and attend the DOC sponsored Volunteer Orientation.  Upon successful completion of the Orientation and DOC background check, volunteers will be mailed their Religious Volunteer Identification Card.

Mentor Training Packet

Read about the Role of a Mentor 

Read about PREA 

Volunteer Application

Some volunteer roles to consider

  • Church services (preaching, teaching or leading worship)

  • Pastoral care services

  • Bible Studies—teaching/discipleship

  • Spiritual/Biblical-based counseling

  • Christ-centered recovery groups (Celebrate Recovery)

  • Music and drama presentations

  • MentorNet

  • God Behind Bars

  • Kairos Prison Ministry

Volunteer Efforts Result in Big Life Changes

The following inmate testimony shares the impact and difference a relationship with God and ACM's Transformational Living Community (TLC) has had on his life.

“Before I came to Christ, I was an addict, alcoholic, womanizer and an ongoing absent father.  I experienced violence towards me and all around me at a very young age.  Since then I have resorted to violence over and over, even when it was in no means necessary.  For a long time, it was the way I communicated.  My first felony resulted in a two-year sentence, affiliation with a brotherhood and an addiction to heroin.  I experienced more drugs in prison that I did in my own neighborhood.  I can recall many instances where God has tried to intervene in my life.  After my first-born child was born, my daughter, I had always felt that I would never serve a purpose in this world. She was my whole world. Then I lost custody of her and again I gave up.

I didn’t know what to expect when I came back to prison and applied to the Transformation Living Community Program (TLC).  All I knew is that I was tired of losing everything and everyone I cared for.  Prison had become easy for me but getting right with God was hard.  Daily I have to deny myself from morning to night, putting my Father before me.  Doing so I found peace, joy and my new identity through Christ.  I tell all the new brothers that come here that Christ gave me a comfort that I would only find being surrounded by my children.  To this day, Christ keeps me wrapped in that comfort, enabling me to walk in faith and in love.  The closer I get to Christ the more I believe that this is the person I was always meant to be.  I have been to behavior modification, drug and alcohol programs since adolescence and nothing has made sense until coming to the TLC Program.  This time around, instead of drugs and violence, I turn to God, His Word and the strong brothers He has anointed over me for all my needs.  TLC has opened many doors of recovery for me.  I am learning to make this a lifestyle and how to make the Serenity Prayer more effective in my life.”

Clarence (Inupiat)

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