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Volunteer or Mentor

If you are interested in volunteering and/or mentoring, please select, view and complete the applicable form(s).

All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application (see download below); register for and attend the DOC sponsored Volunteer Orientation.  Upon successful completion of the Orientation and DOC background check, volunteers will be mailed their Religious Volunteer Identification Card.

Mentor Training Packet

Read about the Role of a Mentor 

Read about PREA 

Volunteer Application



Some volunteer roles to consider

  • Church services (preaching, teaching or leading worship)

  • Pastoral care services

  • Bible Studies—teaching/discipleship

  • Spiritual/Biblical-based counseling

  • Christ-centered recovery groups (Celebrate Recovery)

  • Music and drama presentations

  • MentorNet

  • God Behind Bars

  • Kairos Prison Ministry

DOC Guidelines for Volunteers entering the Prison Institutions

  • Masks must be worn by all outside volunteers at all times within each institution. 

  • Masks must be medical or cloth and must fit closely over the nose, mouth and chin. 

  • Bandanas, scarves, and the like are not acceptable.

  • All entering institutions will submit to individual screening (including temperature checks), and must be asymptomatic.

  • Group size is limited by the size of the room.

  • Practice social distancing at all times at every event.

  • There is no vaccination status requirement.

Inmate Testimony

Volunteer Efforts Result in Big Life Changes

The following inmate testimony shares the impact and difference a relationship with God and ACM's Transformational Living Community (TLC) has had on his life.

“I have been a TLC resident for about five months.  I have been to every class and meeting so far.  I am enrolling in Bible College. 


Coming from the rough streets of Detroit, Michigan, I am an X-gang member and drug dealer turned drug user.  I’ve spent eleven years of my life behind bars.  I’ve been strung out on marijuana, cocaine and alcohol for almost thirty years.  I grew a cold heart that I thought would never change until I came here.  I feel at home, in a loving atmosphere at TLC.  I have learned how to work well with others.  I have learned a lot about my problems.  I suffered from mental illness ever since I was nineteen years old.  Now that I have been here I have come in more touch with myself and my own thoughts.  I have identified my bad behaviors.  I’ve been given a chance to change my ways, my thoughts, and heart.  We learn here everything we can in many different aspects of training and most important is what God will do for us if we rely on Him.  We receive a mentor, a brother, to walk us through the road of recovery.  TLC is a long term program, eighteen months, but it’s worth the wait. 


I am proud of our Chaplain.  I recommend this program to others.  I wish there was a TLC on the outs, maybe in the future.  I believe I wouldn’t be here if there was a program like this out there.”



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