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Transformational living community

A Faith-Based Therapeutic Community

Our mission is to create a faith based residential program within the prison setting that will provide a healthy, positive, and spiritually centered community learning environment, conducive to facilitating lasting positive change in the lives of our residents.

Anchorage Correctional Center (for men)


Hiland Mountain Correctional Center (for women)

Core Beliefs

God is the primary agent of change.

The root problem in prisoners’ lives is spiritual in nature.

Through God’s power prisoners lives can be transformed.

Change begins in the heart, and works from the inside to the outside.

Right relationship with God is the key to the change process.

Biblical repentance is essential to transformation.

Core Values












Our Program

Our Transformational Living Communities are a 12-18 month structured, faith-based residential program built on a transformational model for individuals who are serious about changing their lives through God’s intervention and grace.

Our core program areas of focus are on discipleship, spiritual formation, community building, moral and character development, handling life controlling problems, inner healing issues, family and parenting issues, coping with incarceration, changing criminal mentality, social adjustment and education.  Courses and seminars teach biblical principles and focus on internalizing God’s truth and applying it to specific problems in a person’s life.

Several men in the TLC are enrolled in Masters and Doctoral degree programs through Christian Leadership University; and are all carrying straight A’s through their first semester of coursework.  Kudos to these men as they work very hard to become better men when leaving prison than when they arrived.

Other program activities include: prayer and share, counseling, worship, daily group meetings, and weekly mentoring by faith community volunteers.

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