A note from the Director

"A merry heart does good like a medicine; but a broken spirit dries the bones."  Prov. 17:22

We've all heard "life is full of choices."  Though not what we always want to hear, it is so very true even in these tough times in our world, country, city and homes today.  COVID-19 has drastically changed the the foundation of our lives in every area - probably for the rest of our lives.

We, as believers, have a choice.  God admonishes us to "draw near to Him."  Instead sometimes we choose to take it within which, as we all are familiar with brings worry, fear, despondency and eventually a break down emotionally and psychologically.  When we choose to follow God He promises "peace that passes all understanding," rest, calm, grace and trust.  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not to your own understand; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path."  He will bring you through. 

We at Alaska Correctional Ministries (ACM) are praying for you.  As I write this I'm praying for you.  I think of all you may be facing and pray God richly blesses you in all you face, feel and are doing. 

We have been so blessed and grateful for your heartfelt prayers and support of this ministry.  God is indeed bringing a harvest through our chaplains and ministry inside correctional walls.  It has been our great joy to see the hand of God throughout all the correctional institutions in Alaska.  I have been greatly encouraged as you have shared with us in bringing God's redemptive message to our family members, sons & daughters inside these facilities. 

We first pray for you and all our needs during these uncertain times; understanding that resources may be sparse and everyone has had to cut back in their budget.

We here at ACM ask you to please pray for us as we continue to what God has placed in our hands.  Please prayerfully consider helping us financially.  God and your family come first and any gift helps.  As everyone gives what they can, God blesses and takes care of the needs. 

God will take care of His church as we care for each other.  If you have any questions or need information of any kind, of what we do in the prisons, please call or write us.  Thank you so much for your faithfulness. 

Trusting God,

Rudy Bosley

ACM Director.

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Making Lives Matter


Our Strategy:

To partner with the Department of Corrections Chaplaincy Ministry in bringing life-changing ministry and programs to prisoners and ex-offenders through the mobilization and equipping of Alaska’s faith community and by developing private sector funding to support state-wide ministry operations.

Safe Communities


Our faith based safe living homes are operated by Alaska Correctional Ministries Inc.  The mission of these homes is to provide a Christ centered living environment that includes peer accountably and structure for up to 16 residents who have been released from prison and are returning to the community.

April 2019

I started learning about Jesus through attending church with my parents as a child.  When I was young, my night time before bed stories came from an illustrated bible for children, so every night I looked forward to hearing about the miracles Jesus performed in peoples lives.  I was blessed enough to have that in my life & I'm very thankful I did.  


Alaska Correctional Ministries is a non-profit organization that has been partnering with the Department of Corrections Chaplaincy Ministry statewide since 1980, providing life-changing ministry to Alaska’s prisoners and ex-offenders. Together, we are providing ministry and programs that offer hope and real solutions in the lives of offenders through the transforming work of God


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