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We are a qualified 501(c)3 non-profit charity for the PFD Pick - Click - Give Campaign.

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To proclaim God's redemptive and unfailing love to Alaska's inmates and form a bridge of transformation and hope as these returning citizens find their place in our community.


PFD Pick-Click-Give

Current needs
  • Our Amazing Office Manager / Bookkeeper (adopt her – she works more than part-time but only gets paid for part-time)

  • ACM Office Supplies

  • Chaplains Salaries (you may have a specific one in mind)

  • Supplies for New Hope Reentry House – for ladies

  • Supplies for New Horizon Reentry House – for men

  • New TLC Program at Palmer Correctional Center

        6 Computers (laptop or desk top) new or used in very good condition

        Office supplies of all kinds

        Guitars (Bass, Electric, Acoustic)


        2 DVD Players


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safe living homes

The most urgent need for those being released from prison is safe and affordable housing. 

Transformational living community

TLC-based program that seeks to equip Christian inmates in two fundamental areas: 

1. Christian Education 

 2.Life Skills.

Holy grounds

Our inmate-operated coffee shop provides life skills for women in the  TLC and Faith Wing programs at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center.