Check Your Timing

Check Your Timing…

Not every thought or dream or plan may be ready to implement! God’s word tells us that, though Jesus Christ was slain before the foundations of the world were formed, He did not appear to humanity until the “fullness of time had come”.

Shakespeare said, “ Ripeness is all”. You can have a great idea or program – given in the wrong time is a loser. To mean, an unripe banana or avocado is going in the trash if I cannot wait for it to ripen.

Let your dreams, plans and passions ruminate in your heart. Think on it, develop and knead it, let it expand, looking for opportunity before it is loosed from your heart. Hear from God, let Him cause your heart and mind to grow! Ideas are just that…ideas. But, ideas germinated with timing, structure, editing and development become ripe!

What is God birthing in your heart today that is growing and expanding daily? Follow His lead and He will show you the ‘when’.

Alaska Correctional Ministries was birthed more than four decades ago. Some of those great dreams are just now coming into fulfillment. Would you partner in reaching those in prison and those who have been released to our communities, to remain Free4Life?


Sam Humphreys

Executive Director

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