Slay a Sacred Cow

Slay a Sacred Cow

Policies, procedures and rules of our organizations often can keep us from being effective and growing in our ever changing culture. It becomes easy to lose focus on our mission; why we exist in the first place! Personally, my mission is to love Christ and share that love to others in all I do and say! But oh, the distractions we encounter along the way!

I’m old enough to remember in the church when there was a struggle between what we would sing and how we would sing, i.e. hymns or choruses (worship songs); song leader or a worship team. The culture was changing and the church needed to slay a few sacred cows! I’m not referring to doctrinal purity – I’m referring to the doing of what we were doing. The slaying of the sacred cow gave way to birthing new, living and exciting ways to share Jesus as the only hope to the world.

What sacred cows should you slay in your life or organization that is holding you back? What policy is ‘bottle necking’ you?

Prison ministry isn’t just preaching behind a lectern. It is so much more. It is about speaking into the lives' of those struggling with life’s addictions – sitting by the well and pouring out a drink of water.


Sam Humphreys

Executive Director

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