Take a Whack At It

April 14, 2016

Take a Whack at It…



A lot of inventions, medical cures, hall of fame pitchers and great statesmen are penned up in the prison of a man or woman’s heart.


Being afraid to fail has kept many people on the sidelines. To God, you are not small, nor are his gifts in you! So step up to the plate and swing for the fences! Take that first dance lesson, accept that first assignment to teach a class, begin the first words of the book you are to write, host that first dinner party and make an exotic meal! Go ahead, swing for the fences.


Jesus called his disciples – they got out of the boat and followed Him. When God asks of us He always empowers us too!


 At ACM we have opportunities for you to begin and continue in your gifting. So, why not get off the bench and swing for the fences?


Either we let life slip away with penned up ideas and actions in our hearts and minds or we get up and ‘take a whack’ at it!


What ideas, passions, dreams and beginnings should you loose?




Sam Humphreys

Executive Director

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