Listen To Your Dreams...

April 7, 2016

Listen to Your Dreams



When I am awake I am in an ordered life, affected by time constraints, distance, challenges, as well as logical thinking and anticipated results. Pressure and deadlines loom! Ah, but when I am asleep and when I dream I am in a different life without a lot of order. I call it the “Land of What If”.


My dreams whisper that I am stronger, smarter, more creative and capable of things only reserved for heroes who wear capes!


Welcome your dreams! They may be solutions to huge problems. They can reset your thinking from feeling weak and overpowered to fresh energy, knowing that God in you is greater than any energy or effort of the world that is trying to suppress you. God and His angels cheer you on – even when you are sleeping.


So, dream on, write down your dreams and step out into the unknown. What might God be saying to you? What is He saying and asking of you?


Alaska Correctional Ministries has many opportunities to help men and women become Free4Life.




Sam Humphreys

Executive Director

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