What Do You Want...

What Do You Want?

Let’s face it being content can be an excuse for not moving forward. A lot is said about “paying it forward”. But think of it, when we are giving of ourselves we experience new energy, enjoyment and a second wind to go further. So, what change in you, will help others?

Being a mentor to someone is a really being a ‘coach’, to help bring out the good the better and the best in someone else! Don’t accept the lie that we often tell ourselves “What can I offer?", "I don’t have it together myself!” In building relationships with those in prison, mentoring them while they are serving time and following them as they re-engage in our communities, will go a long way to help others who want to change! And guess what, our communities will be enriched, safer and you will move forward in joy and personal growth as you see the strength and growth of returning citizens.

Offer yourself to others! Become a MENTOR. Men and women become Free4Life as Christ has entered their hearts and we mentor, love, care and invest in them.


Sam Humphreys

Executive Director

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