There's A Ton of Reasons Why This Works

What do you see in this list?

Community Life, work, education, physical exercise and discipline, courses, seminars, worship, counseling, mentoring, peer groups.....

Aren't these things we all long for? Don't we all need community on some level? I remember when the churches and businesses were working hard to re-establish a relational link with their local communities because somewhere in all the was lost! When I look at that list I see the most valuable thing we have that pull us all together as humans and that is community. That's why TLC works!

In Stage II of the TLC program structure, residents participate in courses and seminars which are designed to facilitate growth in their relationship with God and with others. They learn biblical principles and tools that empower them to live their lives a more healthy way every day. The curriculum is presented in classes, seminars, chapel services and small groups.

It works!

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