How Does an Inmate Make the Transition?

February 23, 2016

Re-entry into society means something different to each of us. Here is what it means in the TLC program...6 months before an inmate is released they must plan ahead and apply, be enrolled in GED classes and testing schedule, be enrolled in classes sentencing has required, and they must be taking any training available that will increase their employability: Computer classes, flaggers, hazmat, coffee shop, DOL, and classes that show intent to address the issues behind conviction.


3 Months before an inmate is released, if they desire EM they must submit a request and apply. They must request letters of reference, design a relapse prevention plan, journal and keep goals in their planner, apply to housing options and interview, create a resume from what they've learned in the DOL class, and sometimes when there is grant funding they can find a brochure on the bulletin board concerning project start.


2 months before an inmate is released they must fill out their pre-release application and make appointments with representative. They must submit their draft of release plan, and finalize their resume. 1 month before release an inmate must request savings and money they have on books be ready at time of release, request any class certificates that have not yet been received, make copies of their resume and put them in their employment packet along with certificates, plan and confirm who will help them their first day out from a healthy source, and obtain a copy of drug/alcohol assessment.


2 weeks before release they must submit a comleted release plan to their PO and include their plans (first day, first week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months). They must fill out an post release application for ANJC, Partners for Progress, which will help them with their first month of rent assistance. If they are EM (Electronic Monitor) they have to confirm who will be picking them up on their release date and have a solid plan in place for their first week.


This kind of structure and planning is one of the many reasons our program is a success!







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